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Ramdai Bachoo

Veterinarian, Veterinary

Ramdai Bachoo

Ramdai Bachoo's Bio:

Ramdai Bachoo, a veterinarian who lives and practices in San Francisco, is also an enormous advocate of animal welfare. In addition to her focus on pit bull and bull terriers in California, Ramdai Bachoo works to improve the well being of animals used for laboratory testing. According to Ramdai Bachoo, current welfare laws do not encompass all that they should, which means that many animals, especially rodents, get the short end of the stick. Her work is to turn this situation around.

Ramdai Bachoo's Experience:

  • Veterinarian at Private

    San Francisco veterinarian Ramdai Bachoo has a career focus of exotic animals, such as many bird, reptile, and rodent species. However, in her personal life, Ramdai Bachoo also believes in the work of rescuing pit bull and other bull terriers, and she owns three pit bulls. According to Ramdai Bachoo, the current climate of the United States in which certain dog breeds are banned in various cities and living areas is actually enormously discriminatory.

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